“The entire novel is spectacularly imagined, well-written, and a pleasure to read. An absorbing novel that explores a compelling, African-centered future world.” —Kirkus Reviews

After the Flare is a futuristic thriller published by Unnamed Press.

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Praise for Nigerians in Space

Charles Yu writer for Westworld and author of How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe

Fast-paced, well-written and packed with insight and humor. Olukotun is a very talented storyteller.

Jacob Weisman Tachyon

Nigerians in Space is a taut thriller about a fictional Nigerian space program... Once the book arrived, I read through most of it that evening and finished it later the next morning. Nigerians in Space deserves not only to be rediscovered (or perhaps discovered), but should rightfully garner a seat at the table with The Martian and Station Eleven.

GOOD Magazine

Nigerians in Space is a tale of African intellectuals abroad falling into a dramatic bid to return home and grab a place in the space race for the sake of patriotism and pride.

Samantha Lim The Brooklyn Paper

A crime thriller that is out of this world.

Ainehi Edoro Brittle Paper

Nigerians in Space is so much a novel of our time that it helps us track how far we’ve come from mid-century African novels.

Mark Haskell Smith Flavorwire

A madcap first novel that unravels like a spy thriller.

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