Tool to take action to promote net neutrality

So you may have noticed that I have a countdown clock on my site. It’s a simple tool to promote the open net that was developed by the BattlefortheNet coalition. Click on the tool and it will take you to a site to take effective action. This action is more than an email–it’s a tactic that representatives actually respond to.

This vote is super important! The FCC has a chance to preserve the open net for everyone. It’s a bipartisan issue that both Republicans and Democrats want. Don’t be distracted by the lobbying by Team Cable.

Flexibility versus Strength

I like this quote by Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger on the difference between strength and flexibility:

A guy who spends a bit of time in the gym kills his co-ordination and becomes more rigid. Winning a challenge is down to flexibility and co-ordination, switching on all the muscles on at the same, right, time. That is not down to lifting weights.

I’ve often wondered about that, not necessarily in soccer but in sports in general. Coordination is so key to excelling at sports but becoming a muscle beefcake can make you too stiff to perform. In college, I think I lifted weights too much without focusing on flexibility (I considered yoga exotic West-coast flair at the time.) I now try to integrate basic yoga moves into my workouts whenever possible.

“Spear of the N-Word” published in Artsfreedom


This week I published a piece on racism, art, and free expression for the rights organization Freemuse. I looked at art in South Africa and Europe as well as debates on the N-word that have raged here in the U.S. Then I examined how social media is changing our notion of free expression.

This was a difficult, but therapeutic piece to write, especially in light of the Eric Garner and Michael Brown grand jury decisions. You can read it here.