Find me at the #KeepitOn Summit at RightsCon (March 29-31)

For the past few years, I’ve been helping lead a fight against internet shutdowns — when governments intentionally disrupt the internet. The #KeepitOn campaign features over 100 organizations from more than 50 countries who are pushing back against this phenomenon. I’ll be chairing the #KeepitOn Summit at my organization Access Now’s annual conference, RightsCon. This year we’ll have 1300 people from 90+ countries attending. Hope to see you there.

Here’s an excerpt:

The #KeepItOn Summit at RightsCon Brussels (March 29-31) — the first dedicated convening in the world to explore internet shutdowns — is a special 3-day track that aims to produce real-world outcomes. The internet community already has made great strides in pushing back against internet shutdowns through the #KeepItOn campaign. The United Nations Human Rights Council unequivocally condemned internet shutdowns in June 2016. The multistakeholder organization Global Network Initiative — which includes companies such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft — has also spoken out against the practice. The GSMA, one of the largest technology associations in the world, issued strict guidelines, and two major economic studies by Deloitte and the Brookings Institution have shed light on the terrible cost of disruptions to societies. But there is much more to be done, and we invite you to contribute.

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