I explore ideas through stories. I have a passion for social justice and a desire to understand the power dynamics that lead to the world as we see it. This started in human rights and, increasingly, shifted to looking ahead to the technologies and systems that will shape our societies in the future. That might mean working with architects of the internet to fight censorship, writing a short story about scented social media, or interviewing South African mountain climbers about their experiences under apartheid. Or it could just mean sitting down and reading a good book.


Moving towards science fiction thinking. Lessons from my work fighting for human rights online and how we can empower people by using the tools of science fiction, such as world building.
Imagining the future of Nigeria: accessing Africa through sci-fi
LitHub: Challenges and pitfalls in writing an adventure novel set in West Africa, and how I used science fiction to write my way out of them.
Meeting My Protagonist.
Slate: A visit to Nigeria when I met the head engineer of the national space program.
How to Create your own Jurassic Park.
New York Review of Science Fiction: Lessons from Michael Crichton’s novel and film about how to expand his fictional universe.
Utopian and Dystopian Visions of Afrofuturism.
Slate: What Afrofuturism means for creators of color and what needs to happen for more voices to thrive.
ReplyAll and the Battle for Storytelling about the Net. February 2015.
Huffingtonpost: Interviews with the hosts and producers of the Gimlet media podcast ReplyAll.

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Short Fiction

We Are the Olfanauts
This near-future scifi story is about a young Kenyan man who is trying to make at the hottest new tech company, which specializes in scented social media. Published in Electric Literature in 2015 and separately in the collection Watchlist by O/R Books (edited by Bryan Hurt.)
Running the Lines for Fulgence
This short story is about a soccer referee who is recovering from the loss of his brother in post-earthquake Haiti. Published in Guernica Magazine in August 2011.
Marcel Skates Free
I worked with the talented artist and filmmaker Esy Casey on a short comic about a young refugee rebelling in Cape Town, South Africa. Marcel is a loner and a skater in a society in which he is supposed to be no one at all.
Four Lions
Flash fiction about a journalist attempting to penetrate the notorious Cape Town minibus taxi gangs. Published in the South African magazine The Space (2007).
The Rise and Fall of the Silence Corporation
One of my passions is intellectual property - the assertion of ownership over creativity and innovation. This satire is about the copyrighting of musical rests by an eccentric American composer. Published in OneShotZine (2008).
Indian Hunting on the Putumayo
This dark short story originates from my background research for my novel Everyone Comes from Belterra, when I encountered the horrific human rights violations committed on the Putumayo river in the early 1900s. Published in the London Magazine (2006).

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Yale News (2017)
On fiction, Nigerians in Space, and After the Flare
Global Partners Digital (2017 - audio)
on internet shutdowns and activism
New Inquiry (2016)
On The Black Panther and diversity in sci-fi and fantasy, with Maria Dahvana Headley and Haris Durrani
Lush (2016)
On fiction writing and internet shutdowns
The Brookings Institution (2016 - video)
On internet shutdowns and activism
Kugali Media (2016 - audio)
On Nigerians in Space and African fiction
National Public Radio (2013 - audio)
On fiction writing, surveillance, and censorship
Conversation with graphic novelists Gene Luen Yang and Jeff Smith (2013 - video)
On Banned Books, censorship, Bone, RASL,and Boxers and Saints

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