More short fiction

We Are the Olfanauts

This near-future scifi story is about a young Kenyan man who is trying to make at the hottest new tech company, which specializes in scented social media. Published in Electric Literature in 2015 and separately in the collection Watchlist by O/R Books (edited by Bryan Hurt.)

Running the Lines for Fulgence

This short story is about a soccer referee who is recovering from the loss of his brother in post-earthquake Haiti. Published in Guernica Magazine in August 2011.

Marcel Skates Free

I worked with the talented artist and filmmaker Esy Casey on a short comic about a young refugee rebelling in Cape Town, South Africa. Marcel is a loner and a skater in a society in which he is supposed to be no one at all.

Daylight Savings Bank Collapses

This is a satire that is based on Daylight Savings Time -- a concept that I've always found confusing and surprising. It's surprising because it seems to happen when I'm not ready. Suddenly an hour has been gained or lost, just because the government said so.

Four Lions

A short story about a journalist attempting to penetrate the notorious Cape Town minibus taxi gangs. Published in the South African magazine The Space (2007).

The Rise and Fall of the Silence Corporation

One of my passions is intellectual property - the assertion of ownership over creativity and innovation. This fiction piece is a satire about the copyrighting of musical rests by an eccentric American composer. Published in OneShotZine (2008).

Indian Hunting on the Putumayo

This story originates from my background research for my novel Everyone Comes from Belterra, when I encountered the horrific human rights violations committed on the Putumayo river in the early 1900s. Published in the London Magazine (2006).

In the Light of the Kerosene

This short story was adapted from my novel Everyone Comes from Belterra. It follows the rubber tapper Rogerio as he investigates a mysterious capoeira fight in the Amazon rainforest. The story was published on the Brazilian cultural website (May 2009).