Short story on nanosatellites in MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review published my new short story on nanosatellites in its July / August 2019 space issue. The magazine is experiencing a resurgence with its new editor Gideon Lichfield, who is prominently featuring science fiction as a way to explore the cutting edge issues of our time.

In Her Light is my whimsical take on the emergence of nanosatellites. Although first introduced in the 1960s, nanosats now come in various forms ranging from the miniscule (picosatellites) to the practical (CubeSats). The Planetary Society’s Lightsail 2 spacecraft is an example of a Cubesat. At the same time, companies such as Space X and Blue Origin are sending thousands of nanosats into space for various motivations.

As the story explains, these tiny satellites offer tremendous potential for improving communications and science. But how will we manage them all? And who owns and uses them? I explore these questions and others through Canadian and Kenyan protagonists. Thanks to Konstantin Kakaes for his insightful editing of the story.

Please pick up a copy at your nearest newstand. If you’re a traveler, that’s usually the airport.