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Dramatic podcast on space and climate change

Sun, Jan 21, 2024 Read in 1 minutes

I’m pleased to share my new dramatic podcast, A Feast for Cobalt. The story follows four characters who find themselves locked in a mysterious villa in the Italian Alps. Over a multicourse meal, they learn about a mother lode of green minerals in space that can accelerate the shift to renewable technologies.

In this series, I combined my work on sustainability with my passion for artificial intelligence and science fiction. It was my first produced script. While I have had work optioned for film before, I had never before written a script. I learned a lot and enjoyed the process. Above all, I was surprised how fun it is to write with other people.

As part of the series, there is an accompanying podcast called Sharing the Stars that unpacks the themes we explore in the story, including who owns resources in space.

The story was produced by Brett Gaylor, Wolf at the Door studios, and Doha Debates and distributed by Al Jazeera. It features four fantastic voice actors. I recommend you check out the whole series from Chris Brown, Malka Older, and Quelemia Sparrow.

Click here to go to the full series.

And click here to listen to the story on Apple Podcasts.

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